The Christmas Season is coming and are you ready..?!

For a while now, I have been working on new ideas and slowly putting together a little collection of English Bone China and Tableware items, to present at the Christmas Market in Ruaudin (Sarthe, France) – on Sunday 27th November 2016.

I will be presenting : Tea cups candles, Christmas Bunting decorations, Bird Feeders and many more other gift ideas for Christmas.

So join me for a cup of English tea and biscuits.

And most important – Father Christmas (Santa Claus) will be there at 3.30 pm !  Have a great day !



Football Fans Bunting decor…

Football Fans – Once again France is hosting the UEFA European Championship this year for the 3rd time.

FRANCE – also known as Les Bleus (The Blues), will be playing the kick off match against Romania this evening at 9pm and England vs Russia on Saturday, 11th June at 9pm.

Why not make this event even more special by decorating your homes or gardens with a fun and original Reversible British and French “tricolor” Bunting.

A great idea to keep British and French Football fans happy !

Handmade with 100% cotton fabrics by MarySoBritish

Let me know what you think !

Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders or just a decoration? Both…!

Today I want to share my new ideas found in the internet during the cold winter months – which of course I then made and tested.

At first I was looking for new ideas and ways to decorate my garden in Spring & Summer 2016 – and decided to try out this bird feeder (below), which I placed near my kitchen window appx. 3 meters away, to keep an eye out for my neighbors cat!

A photo taken this winter - the tea cup and saucer are not english made, it was my first try !

Photo taken last winter 2015-2016 – the tea cup and saucer are not English made.  It was my first test!

The Birds loved it and visited it very often – especially the Blue tits and Sparrows.  The Robin and the Blackbirds did the cleaning on the ground, just below the bird feeder.

The bird feeders below are handmade with vintage English Bone China (Royal Albert & Duchess) and Tableware (Meakin and Myott Rialto).

You can now find the Bird Feeders in my Boutiques:

Check it out !

Thanks for visiting..!