Marche Des Createurs – 1st May 2016

Coming soon…..!

Marche Des Createurs (The Creators Market) will be taking place in Sargé-lès-le-Mans.  This is the place for Creators to display their wonderful handmade items of all kinds.

Affiche Marché créateurs Sargé 1er mai 2016 (1)

If you are in La Sarthe (France), near the Le Mans area, take a break and visit! A fun day out with the family.   It’s a must ..!!


The Autumn Tableware Exhibition Photos !

The Exhibition Sale was such a great success last Autumn – That, I wanted to share  a few more photos taken by Pouce et LinaFée Bidouillette and Friends.


Visitors were welcomed from 11 am to 5 pm  –  As visitors arrived a variety of English tea and biscuits were served in Pouce et Lina’s garden.

 The English Tableware and Bone China items on display :

And for the special occasion, Handmade items by Mary So British – such as garden Bird Feeders, Bunting decorations and tea pot Cosies – were also available !


The next Exhibition Sale in May !

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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