Creators Market at Sargé Les Le Mans, Sarthe, France

A wonderful sunny day to do a Creators Market.

The Creators Market was at Sargé Les Le Mans, near Le Mans (24 hours) – Sunday, 1st May 2016, from 10.00 am to 7.00 pm.

Organised by Christine Blin, Secretary to the Association of “Déco Artis’en Sarthe”, France.

Christine Blin, dans son atelier de patine de meubles.

Visitors were able to discover all sort of handmade homewares, children’s toys, artwork, jewellery and of course a little touch of my British ideas.

The Creators market was delighted to have many first time sellers.

It was a wonderful day to find great “unique” gifts for friends and family.

A few photos of my Stand and items which were on sale for the day, made with English/American Fabrics, English Bone China and Tableware.


Thanks for visiting..


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