Tea for Two

Looking for the perfect cup of Tea?

Today, I decided to teach my French friends the art of making a perfect English cup of tea.  Of course everyone has  their way of making tea, but the rules are nearly always the same.

First of all you will need:

  • A tea pot (the size depends on the numbers of cups)
  • Loose Leaf Tea
  • Milk
  1. Always use fresh drawn water in the kettles as it’s the oxygen in the fresh water that brings out the flavor and body of the tea.
  2. The loose leaf tea are best brewed when the tea pot is warmed with freshly boiled water. Put a small quantity in the tea pot and swirl around a little to warm it up and then tip it out before you add the tea.
  3. Put one tea spoon of tea per person and add one for the pot (for the strength and flavor, depends on your taste buds).
  4. Add the boiled or boiling water (personally I really don’t see the difference) and allow the tea to brew between 3 to 5 minutes (depending on the strength you wish).
  5. Pour in the milk first.  It is historically correct to put the milk first, doing so, the milk will cool the tea and stop your bone china cups from crackling, but this doesn’t really make a difference nowadays. Milk can be poured after, so you can make sure of the correct amount of milk desired.
  6. Pour out the tea through a tea strainer to catch  any tea leaves and leave for a few minutes to cool.
  • A tea pot must always be clean to make a perfect cup of tea. Never use chemical products to clean your tea pots! To remove stains, a table spoon of carbon soda and boiling water will do the trick.  Just leave it for a few minutes, rinse and it’s clean.
  • Black loose leaf tea brew for 4 to 5 minutes
  • Tea bags 3 minutes
  • No sugar, tea without sugar is best, to appreciate its flavor
  • Tea should be made in small quantities and Breakfast tea is the best!

And there you are!! A nice cup of tea..! Cheers!!

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